In York - Holiday & Corporate Lets

The City of York is the perfect place to stay whether for City Break, Romantic Holiday, Family Vacation or Business Trip. With a major national train station, many tourist attractions and beautiful historic surroundings it is no wonder that York is one of Britain’s most visited Cities.

Here is our guide to just some of what York and the surrounding area has to offer.


York is home to one of the great cathedrals of the world – York Minster. We invite you to enjoy its vast spaces, filled with music and revealing the human imagination at work on glass, stone, and other fabrics. Whatever your faith and culture, you are welcome here, to see for yourself the life of a centre of Christian belief. York Minster is loved not only by people in the United Kingdom and Yorkshire, but by countless people across the globe. We hope you will be among them.


It’s the stunning view you get of the historic city of York that makes Clifford’s Tower one of the most popular attractions in Yorkshire. Set on a tall mound in the heart of Old York, this imposing tower is almost all that remains of York Castle, which was originally built by William the Conqueror. There’s plenty to discover here. In its time, the tower has served as a prison and a royal mint, as well as the place where Henry VIII had the bodies of his of his enemies put on public display.


The ten-acre botanical Museum Gardens, around the Yorkshire Museum, stretch from the River Ouse up to the back of York Art Galley, and from Marygate on one side to Museum Street on the other. The gardens were planted in the 1830s, but many of the historic buildings within them date back much further to Medieval and Roman times.


Right in the heart of York, you’ll find an elegant café in the land-locked location of St Helen’s Square, the famous Bettys Tea Rooms. Today, as you sit in Bettys surrounded by huge curved windows, elegant wood panelling and ornate mirrors, you can almost imagine yourself aboard a luxury liner. Throughout the year we host musical evenings and events here. With such beautiful surroundings, why not treat yourself or a loved one to Afternoon Tea?


York Castle Museum is one of Britain’s leading museums of everyday life. It shows how people used to live by displaying thousands of household objects and by recreating rooms, shops, streets – and even prison cells.

It is best known for its recreated Victorian street, Kirkgate, which combines real shop fittings and stock with modern sound and light effects, to evoke an atmosphere of Victorian Britain.